During the last couple of years offshore wind power projects have been showing massive growth in both the North and the Baltic Sea.

Under the rough offshore circumstances delivering quality on time is a challenge.

We assist our customers with a broad range of offshore including but not limited to T&I evaluation, transport monitoring and cargo securing.

Due to our profound experience we can provide services from the early stages of planning until the successful completion of major projects.

Evaluation Consulting in the Tendering Process

In order to facilitate the selection process we evaluate incoming quotations together with our customers. In the course of our various projects we have developed an individually customizable evaluation system which is constantly growing. Our system enables our customers to get a quick overview about the advantages and disadvantages of the incoming quotations. Especially with complex transport projects a precise evaluation is inevitable. By analysing the quotations both quality- and quantity-wise we enable our customers to take their decisions both fast and well-grounded. We also offer auditing of T&I subcontractors.

Loss Prevention and Risk Analysis

A major part of our activities consist of preventive measures like surveys before and during transport or even prior or during packing operations. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Load-, stow and securing surveys
  • Inspections of warehouses
  • Assessment of safety and security aspects

Each transport carries risks for both cargo and environment which can have a major impact on the sensitive time schedule of the project.

In the offshore field most of the transports are conducted by supply vessels or barge trains. In addition to the regular environmental risks there is an increased risk for wash due to the low freeboard.

Appropriate and deliberate cargo securing is essential. We offer one stop service for all necessary securing measures and works.

We develop and calculate individual securing concepts for our customers and perform the operations with our in-house staff. This results in increased quality and reduced interface risks in cargo securing.

Transport Monitoring and Motion Analysis

We offer motion analyses during transports.

Motion- and shocklogs are programmed by us and installed at the cargo. These devices provide collection of all relevant data and incidents of heeling, acceleration and direction of acceleration forces as well as temperature and humidity data within pre-defined limits.

GPS positioning and emergency messages can be pushed over GSM via an E-trax unit in case of extraordinary events or exceedance of pre-defined limits.

Recording these data can be of great assist for safeguarding interests in regress and in order to ward off possible claims.

Especially in the offshore business, these data provide valuable knowledge to optimize future processes.

In addition we assist you with:

  • Transport- und Conveyance Concepts
  • Storage Issues
  • Securing Concepts
  • Handling Procedures
  • Warranty Surveys
  • Packaging Consulting
  • Claims Handling

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