Non Marine

In the non marine field we cover all areas reaching from the field of warehousing including warehouse surveys regarding risks of fire and burglary, stocktaking and despatch inspections, quality and inventory controls to all kinds of damage inspections including means of transport and all kinds of containers and all kinds of cargo damages.

We also perform surveys of burglary and fire damages, temperature controls and the evaluation of the respective causes of damage. Our services also include the conduction of salvage sales of all kinds of damaged cargoes by tender.

In order to evaluate the condition of damaged goods an on-site inspection at the premises of the manufacturer or at the place of damage is inevitable in most of the cases.

Following a joint survey with all parties involved, the extent of damage can be ascertained and the next steps to minimize the damage as well as repair works of other measures can be planned and executed.

We always strive for a fast and direct approach when it comes to evaluation and mitigation of the damage hence granting customers' interests.

Frozen Foods

Many goods are being transported and stored deep frozen for reasons of shelf life. Apart from temperature controls we perform quality controls of frozen foods.

We inspect freezer trucks, reefer containers and cold stores as well as reefer vessels.

Fruit and Vegetables

In addition to temperature measurements, we are able to read and interpret data loggers such as "Ryan-Recorders" and others as well as the internal temperature loggers of various manufacturers of cooling aggregates.

Perishable goods like fruit and vegetables are extremely sensitive and demanding for the forwarders. Apart from issues with the delivery times and a lack of cargo care, quality deficiencies are often an issue. Differentiating between these issues requires maximum knowledge and experience.

Coffee and Cocoa

Next to crude oil coffee and cocoa are the merchandise with the highest volume in the worldwide trade. Apart from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Hamburg is one of the major hubs for the global trade.

In addition to delivery controls of both bagged and bulk cargo we evaluate the coffee and cocoa in terms of both quality and quantity. Our specialised surveyors have excellent experience and knowledge about the cargoes. The major issues with coffee and cocoa are moisture / wetness damage and infestation with pests like insects and or larvae. Classic techniques of inspections like sampling from the bags and cutting of the beans are still being used.

Warehousing and Cargo Handling

The growing complexity of logistics concepts and the increasing demand regarding the flexibility of commodity flows often bear various problems. We offer assistance in addressing challenges including but not limited to:

  • Risk analysis for warehouses
  • Stocktaking
  • Inspections of frozen chilled and fresh foods
  • Damage surveys and investigations
  • Surveys of physical warehouse conditions
  • Analysis of organizational structures
  • Assessment of warehous specifications
  • Inspection and further processing of fire damages
  • Stock transfer surveys
  • Security analysis and consulting
  • Evaluation and assessment of applications for insurance coverage

Warehouse surveys

The quality of a warehouse and the insurance risk are defined by the technical equipment and the overall condition of the premises. In addition to inspections of the physical storage conditions we offer inspections and evaluations of complex warehouse facilities.

Our scope covers inspections of the overall condition of the facilities including roads and surroundings as well as security sensitive installations like fire prevention and defence and theft protection and alarm systems.

Warehouse Revision and Inventory

Due to the increasing volume of outsourcing, there is a growing risk for conflicts related to inventory differences.

As independent experts we offer inventory controls, inspection of physical stock transfers and consulting regarding warehouse management.


A large number of transport damages are related to inappropriate or insufficient packaging. We check and inspect the packaging used with regards to suitability for the way and means of transport.

Especially in the field of project cargo, preventive packaging consulting is of growing importance when in terms of safety and security. We not only consider general rules and regulations but pay attention to the specific demands of the transport profile involved.

In the global trade ocean passages often include the passing of various climate zones leading to issues with hygroscopic packaging materials and the inherent moisture content of wood for example. We offer packaging controls and pre-shipment surveys including measurement of the moisture content of the packaging materials used.

Commodity Quality Inspections

Based on our longtime experience with cargo and commodity inspections we have a broad and profound knowledge base. We have a worldwide network of specialists at your service.

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