Transport of a 380 mt Transformer from Rotterdam to East Frisia

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The power generated at offshore windparks is conducted to the converter stations as direct current (DC). The transformer substation then transforms the direct current into alternating current (AC) which is then supplied into the domestic networks.

We were assigned with the supervision of the transport by SPMT at the different places of handling as well as the supervision of the installation of the 380 mt transformer onto its foundation.

The transformer was manufactured by Messrs. Siemens AG at Erlangen and was transported from Rotterdam to Diele via several inland waterways respectively by road transport.

Our assignment started with discharging the transformer from the inland vessel "MAGDALENA" and loading onto the barge "BROEDERTROUW 2".

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The transformer was lifted by the floating crane "MATADOR 3" and was placed onto the barge "BROEDERTROUW 2". Steel heavy load mats were used to distribute the load evenly.


For the transport to the port of Leer, the transformer was secured by means of welded chains and stoppers as well as anti-sliding mats.

At the port of Leer the 20-axle SPMT was prepared by mounting it and placing it underneathe the transformer piece by piece. In order to enable this operation the transformer was lifted by means of hydraulic posts.

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The roll-off was performed via the NATO ramp at the Jann-Berghaus Bridge. After fastening the barge securely in the river the ramp was installed by a mobile crane.
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After comletion of the roll-off, the transformer was placed on elephant legs and 6 axles were added to the SPMT for the road transport.

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Prior to the 24 hrs. road transport through East Frisia, the transformer was secured on the SPMT by means of chains and anti-sliding mats.

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Upon arrival at the final destination Diele the SPMT was positioned in front of the foundation. The transformer was was placed on hard wood posts and was placed on the creepers by means of hydraulic power.

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The exact positioning of the transformer was performed by means of 2 hydraulic stanchions.

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