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Due to shifting of the shipbuilding industry towards Asia, an increasing number of shipbuilding components have to be shipped from Germany to the major shipyards in Korea and China.

Among other components, a lot of propellers mainly manufactured by Messrs. MMG need to be loaded.
A wide range of propellers sizes starting from about 40 mt up to 130 mt are loaded by us.
Smaller propellers up to 80 mt are mostly stowed on to adjacent flatracks. Squared timber pieces of the dimensions 20x20x500 cm are usually used as bedding in order to ensure proper spreading of the load.
Anti-sliding mats are placed underneath the timber pieces and the propeller in order to increase the coefficient of friction.
The cargo is then secured by means of 16 mm steel wires or patent textile belt lashings.

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Propeller of 80 mt and more are loaded on 2 x 2 flats in sandwich stow in order to avoid flexion of the flatracks caused by a high weight load on a small area (see our log book entry "Load Distribution on Flatracks"). Another advantage of the sandwich stow is the doubled number of  lashing devices at the flatracks.

In order to spread the load evenly between the flatracks, squared timber pieces of sufficient dimensions are placed between the flatracks. This also keeps the upper flat from vibrating or oscillating which would cause the lashings to loosen.


Based on the rype of propeller, the wings are secured by textile belts or steel wires in all directions.

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Sufficient spreading of the load can also be achieved by means of steel beams (HEB or IPB profiles). However, this is mostly not necessary and not very common due to higher cost and complicated handling.

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