Transport of two Transformers from Bad Honnef to Haugesund

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Transport of 2 x 420 mt transformers from Bad Honnef, Germany to Haugesund, Norway.

The two subject 420 mt transformers were manufactured by Messrs. ABB at Bad Honnef on Rhine and are designated for an offshore platform produced in Norway.  For the transport route of 1.5 km from the premises of Messrs. ABB to the Nato loading ramp at Bad Honnef a double SMPT (Self-Propelles Modular Transporter) was employed.

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The number of axles of an SMTP needed is calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the transported cargo.

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The transformers were secured on the SMTP by means of chains with turnbuckles. In addition, anti-sliding mats were used to increase the coefficient of friction.

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After placing the SMTP with the transformer on the final position on board of the flat top barge, the transformers were placed on each 8 elephant legs. Load distribution mats made of steel were placed on the barge in order to distribute the load of the 420 mt transformers evenly. Each of the transformers was secured by 8 chains with turnbuckles. Anti sliding mats were placed underneath in order to avoid steel on steel contact and to increase the coefficient of friction.

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For the ocean transport both transformer were loaded on board of the heavy load vessel MV "GLORIA" of the carrier SAL Heavy Lift.

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The loading was performed directly from the barge by double-lift of the two deck cranes (SWL 2 x 275 mt) of MV "GLORIA" using 2 heavy lift traverses and 2 transverse traverses with equivalent grommets.

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After the 1.5 day journey of MV "GLORIA" from Rotterdam to Haugesund the transformers were discharged using the same equipment.

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