Heavy-Lift Cargo

We plan, evaluate and perform load, stow and securing surveys for heavy lift and project cargo both national and international. Our worldwide network of specialists enables us to act fast and efficient in order to ensure successful projects.

Our team members assist you from the early stages of planning until the completion of your transport and or loading. We are happy to assist you either all the way or in partial segments such as stowage and securing concepts, development and evaluation of method statements, packaging consulting and controls as well as load, stow and discharge surveys.

Stow and Securing Concepts

We issue and evaluate stow and securing concepts in order to ensure a safe transport of different types of cargoes.

To grant appropriate and sufficient cargo stowage and securing in containers, on flatracks or on other means of transport, thorough preparation is essential.

We issue stowage and securing plans and hereby pay close attention to the needs and issues of the current project which enables us to quickly adapt to new situations and requirements, if necessary.

Evaluation Consulting in the Tendering Process

In order to facilitate the selection process we evaluate incoming quotations together with our customers. In the course of our various projects we have developed an individually customizable evaluation system which is constantly growing. Our system enables our customers to get a quick overview about the advantages and disadvantages of the incoming quotations. Especially with complex transport projects a precise evaluation is inevitable. By analysing the quotations both quality- and quantity-wise we enable our customers to take their decisions both fast and well-grounded. We also offer auditing of T&I subcontractors.

Method Statements

Most of the possible process risks can be identified and eliminated in the planning state.

Basically, method statements consist of 3 components. Planning, execution and risk evaluation of the project concerned.

In the planning stage, all organisational measures and actions are definded which have to be completed prior to execution of the project (i.e. loading or discharge of heavy lift cargo).

Following the planning stage, the execution of the project is described including all necessary actions and including a detailed lashing calculation.

The third part of a method statement consists of the risk evaluation. The probability of risks and the necessary risk minimizing actions are displayed by means of a matrix.

A detailed method statement has become an essential part of the process documentation.

Loss Prevention and Risk Analysis

A major part of our activities consist of preventive measures like surveys before and during transport or even prior or during packing operations. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Load-, stow and securing surveys
  • Inspections of warehouses
  • Assessment of safety and security aspects


Load-, Discharge- and Transhipment Surveys

We perform worldwide load-, discharge- and transhipment surveys on various means of transport.

In the course of our inspections we control and assess all circumstances like technical equipment, means of transport, cargo holds and cargo handling devices. We evaluate the cargo handling gear and equipment like grommets, traverses and shackles concerning their suitability. We also offer verification of certificates and other documents on demand.

Prior to loading or discharging we perform transition surveys and documents the condition of the cargo. These surveys help to safeguard interests and assist when it comes to claims and regress.

Apart from observing all rules and regulations for a safe transport, we always keep an eye on our customers' interests.

Stow- and Securing Surveys

In order to grant appropriate and sufficient cargo stowing and securing we perform stow- and lashing surveys in containers, on flatracks or other means of transport. We issue lashing certificates as well as quantity and marks certificates.

In the course of our inspections we evaluate the cargo stowage and securing and the compliance of the marks and numbers with the transport documents. Upon request we inspect packaging, overall condition or technical specifications of the cargo.

Project- and HeavyLift Surveys

We inspect and supervise project and heavy lift shipments and conduct interface controls.

This includes a pre-loading survey of the cargo in order to document the actual condition of the cargo at this stage.

Prior to loading the best way of loading and stowage of the respective cargo will be discussed with all parties involved.

Furthermore the suitability and condition of the lifting gear is inspected by us prior to beginning of the operation.

The scope of work of a loading survey in respect of heavy lift and project cargoes also includes the inspection of the correct stowage and the proper weight distribution (if applicable).

Subsequently to the loading of the respective cargo, we will inspect whether the cargo is secured in accordance with the common rules and regulations.

Transport Monitoring and Motion Analysis

We offer motion analyses during transports.

Motion- and shocklogs are programmed by us and installed at the cargo. These devices provide collection of all relevant data and incidents of heeling, acceleration and direction of acceleration forces as well as temperature and humidity data within pre-defined limits.

GPS positioning and emergency messages can be pushed over GSM via an E-trax unit in case of extraordinary events or exceedance of pre-defined limits.

Recording these data can be of great assist for safeguarding interests in regress and in order to ward off possible claims.

Especially in the offshore business, these data provide valuable knowledge to optimize future processes.

Damage Surveys

Damage occurred during sea transport always mean resulting conflicts between the parties involved. Numerous single steps need to be taken to minimize the aftermath of a damage.

A comprehensive view on the situation with a solid ground of knowledge and experience is inevitable to solve the various problems occurring.

From Salvage and recovery of damaged cargo, vessels or other means of transport to evaluation of the extent of damage is all in our hand. Investigation of the cause of damage and measures to minimize the extent of damage as well as organizational tasks like recommendations regarding repairs and reconditioning works are part of our portfolio.

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