We are all currently in an unprecedented exceptional situation. The uncertainty is great and many of us are restricted in their daily work routines. In times of minimal personal contact, websites, emails and social media channels are the most important media for communicating with customers, partners, suppliers, friends and acquaintances. Therefore, you will find all the necessary information about our company and how we deal with the current situation here.


We are there for advice, service and information as usual for you!

Office hours

At these times, our office is max. 2 people occupied. However, we urge you to follow all protective measures in personal contact that can prevent the spread of the coronavirus: good hand hygiene, stick to the cough and sneeze rules, keep your distance, please only enter our office one by one, contact us Please only by phone if you feel sick.

Contact options

We are all currently in an unprecedented exceptional situation. The uncertainty is great and many of us are restricted in their daily work routines. However, we are there for you as usual, whether in the office or in the home office. We are happy to discuss and plan your project now.

Personal contact

In general, we prefer personal contact with our customers. However, we currently have to refrain from this practice. Therefore, meetings with our customers are only allowed with a max. 2 people take place inside, from 3 people only outside with the prescribed minimum distance of 2m. Alternatively, we offer to hold meetings by phone. Our experts always ask to keep a safety distance of 2m when working indoors. This regulation will continue to apply until April 19, 2020.

All services available

The exercise of our services is not directly affected by the current restrictive regulations as long as the minimum distance of 2m is maintained. As a result, we can offer you the full range of our services as usual. Our experts are encouraged to put their own health protection in the foreground, please support us so that we can safely carry out our work and do our best for our customers.


to Alberts & Fabel GmbH & Co. KG

As engineers, surveyors and average agents in the fields of transport, navigation, cargoes, packaging and technology we have been a full service service provider since 1997. Our field of activity is extensive and comprises of but is not limited to the following areas of expertise: Navigation and load expert, average commissioners, transport expert, heavy cargoes and project load, load surveys, discharge surveys, offshore, cargo securing, marine engineering, mechanical cargo damage, moisture damage, deterioration damage, pest infestation, transport accidents, certificates, salvage sales of average cargoes, transport planning, wind energy projects, power station projects, transformer projects, method statements, investigation and consultation of transports and insurance damages.

From our headquarters in Hamburg from, we co-ordinate our worldwide applications with main focus Europe, as well as the regional orders of our Places of action in Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Brake, Wilhelmshaven, Rhine and Ruhr area, Rostock, Antwerpen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

In order to guarantee smooth transactions in transport and trade, independent expert advice for the evaluation of cargoes as well as transport- and handling operations is often required. As independent experts we stand by your side only in the case of damage but also in damage prevention. Quality, quick reaction and flexibility as well as a fair and clear cost structure are crucial for a competetice economic Environment. In addition to certification and controlling we carry out warehouse inspections for liability and cargo insurers, we provide independent warehouse revisions and a lot more.

About us

Hero Alberts ist seit 1982 als Sachverständiger tätig und seit 1988 als Waren und Güter Sachverständiger unter der Firmierung "Kapt. Hero Alberts" selbstständig. Jörg Fabel ist ab 1994 als freiberuflicher Schifffahrtssacherständiger tätig und gründet 1995 das "Ingenieur und Havariebüro Fabel".

1998 gründen beide Firmen eine Bürogemeinschaft im Schopenstehl 32.33 in der Hamburger Innenstadt woraus im Jahr 1999 die Sachverständigen Sozietät Alberts & Fabel GbR hervorgeht.

Die jeweilige Spezialisierung der beiden Partner lässt das Unternehmen entgegen dem allgemeinen Trend stetig wachsen, so dass schnell Mitarbeiter hinzukommen und die Firma expandiert. 2003 wird eine Niederlassung in Duisburg gegründet, um insbesondere Schwergut und Projekt Verladungen in den Benelux Häfen Antwerpen und Rotterdam mit eigenen Sachverständigen zu Besichtigen. Anfang 2004 werden die Geschäftsräume in der Hamburger Innenstadt zu klein, so dass vor die Tore Hamburgs nach Seevetal umgezogen wird. Gleichzeitig wird aufgrund der Vergrößerung und veränderten Umstände zur GmbH & Co. KG umfirmiert.

Neben der direkten Sachverständigentätigkeit gewinnt zunehmend der Operationelle, Planerische sowie Havariekommissarische Anteil am Betätigungsfeld an Bedeutung. So verfügen wir mittlerweile über eine Datenbank von weltweit operierenden Sachverständigen die ihresgleichen sucht. Wir verfügen über Kooperationspartner in Europa, Asien und Amerika und stellen durch ein genaues Instruieren der lokalen Kollegen sicher, dass für unsere Kunden ein hoher und homogener Qualitätsstandard gewährleistet ist.

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About us

Alberts & Fabel GmbH & Co. KG | Engineers • Surveyors • Average commissioners • Marine Surveyor Place of Aktion: Hamburg, Bremen, Brake, Bremerhaven, Ruhrgebiet, Rostock, Antwerpen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam

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